The capital goes Bond crazy
On 28 October the new Bond film »Spectre« celebrated its première in Berlin.

City ranking
Berlin and Potsdam number among Germany’s ten most popular cities.

New stars over the region
Inclusion in the renowned Guide Michelin is always a reason for celebration and taking pride in one’s culinary expertise. As well as recognising the Bandol sur Mer, the guide’s inspectors also gave five further stars for 2016 to eateries in Berlin and the surrounding region. We’d like to take this opportunity to present these establishments to you.

Potsdamer Conference Prize 2015
Potsdam has long enjoyed an outstanding reputation as a host city for international scientific, research, business and cultural conferences.

Experience the enjoyment of good coffee
In the heart of Potsdam is the Buena Vida Coffee Club, a speciality coffee roasters and coffee bar where you can enjoy speciality coffee.

"feine adressen - finest" in an interview with Maurice Richard Hennessy
»Cognac can be consumed in many ways. But whatever you do, drink sensibly!«

A car that defies description
The new BMW 7 Series has as much in common with a run of the mill car as a Champagne with sparkling wine. The technical flourishes added by the Bavarian tinkerers to the flagship of the fleet are simply breathtaking