Constance highlights
Constance enjoys a reputation as »a top economic and cultural centre«. In cultural terms, the city offers far more variety than most.

Beautiful Gottlieben
The picturesque village of Gottlieben lies on the banks of the Seerhein.

Off to Ravensburg
The houses of the former Free Imperial City of Ravensburg are reminiscent of a bygone age. Everything is polished to a mirror-finish.

Friedrichshafen has many faces
If you’re travelling on foot or by bicycle, you’ll realize the hilly landscape surrounding Friedrichshafen.

Time to relax
Überlingen is as the second largest city in the Lake Constance region known for its towers and gates, art and culture.

Wonderful Lindau
The view from the bridge that connects Lindau’s mainland with the island already gives us a quick impression of what makes this region so attractive.

An extremely classy place
Oberstaufen in Allgäu represents a combination of natural experiences, health offers, pleasure and lifestyle.

The natural pleasures of Oberstdorf
Valleys, mountains, rivers and forests – the natural world of Oberstdorf has so much variety and offers so many different experiences.

Baselworld 2016
Baselworld, the pre-eminent trade fair for the watch and jewellery industry is regarded as the world’s most important event in the sector. We would like to present to you selected highlights from this year’s fair.

Fascination speed
In 2016 four new supercars will be taking centre stage. They will bring HP and speed to the road that will push back their drivers in their seats. Bugatti, Honda, Lamborghini and McLaren, the sound of these marques promises endless driving pleasure and adrenaline.