Cologne is the third most beautiful city in Germany
For the »Brandmeyer Stadtmarken-Monitor« 2015, the Brandmeyer brand consultants and the market research company Konzept & Markt carried out a survey in August 2015 among 5,000 German citizens aged 18 and over.

Funds were raised to provide emergency aid to Nepal at the 13th UNICEF Germany Gala, which was held in the Maritim Hotel and attended for the first time by the new mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker.

Explosive start of the 12th season
Fantissima entered into its twelfth year explosively and with standing ovations.

Tour around the COFA and COFA Contemporary 2015
The 46th Cologne Fine Art again opened its doors from 18 to 22 November, and two days later the Cologne Fine Art Contemporary with 40 galleries provided a new platform for contemporary art.

"feine adressen - finest" in an interview with Maurice Richard Hennessy
»Cognac can be consumed in many ways. But whatever you do, drink sensibly!«

A car that defies description
The new BMW 7 Series has as much in common with a run of the mill car as a Champagne with sparkling wine. The technical flourishes added by the Bavarian tinkerers to the flagship of the fleet are simply breathtaking