News from the capital
What's new in Berlin? »feine adressen – finest« knows.

Manager of the year 2015
On 11 September, Martina Koederitz, executive director of IBM Deutschland GmbH, General Manager of IBM Germany, Austria, Switzerland, was named manager of the year for 2015.

Dream Ball
This year’s DKMS LIFE Charity Gala was held on 10 September at the Ritz-Carlton Berlin hotel.

Grand Opening in Charlottenburg
This summer the »Villa Rivièra Berlin« in Charlottenburg opened a flagship store dedicated to its Rivièra Maison furniture brand.

Best chefs of Berlin
The 2015 »Berliner Meisterköche« was announced on 15 September.

Potsdam Integration Prize
The 11th Integration Prize was awarded on 27 September in the Reithall A of the Hans Otto Theater located in the Schiffbauergasse.

Potsdam Winter Opera
On 20/21/26/27 and 28 November, at 7 pm every evening, the Potsdam Winter Opera will be held in the Church of Peace Potsdam Sanssouci.

Masculine men’s fashion with style
This season, Dior, Armani and their like are clothing men in covered, muted colours, solid materials and straight cuts.

Asphalt Conquerors
The IAA, which takes place in Frankfurt from 17-27 September, will première countless new vehicles. We have put together an exclusive selection of highlights for you in advance of the event.