Mercedes-Benz und Breuninger offroad
The event was held jointly by Mercedes-Benz Niederlassung Düsseldorf and Breuninger on 4 November.

Heads of Düsseldorf
We introduce to you two outstanding people, who enrich the state capital with their ideas, skills and providence. In this edition: Axel Pollheim (head of corporate communication at IDEENKAPITAL and SIGNA) und Dr. Alexander Schröder-Frerkes (Senior Partner at the German office of Bird & Bird)

State prize for Günther Uecker
Minister-President Hannelore Kraft has presented the painter and installation artist Günther Uecker with this year’s State Prize of North-Rhine Westphalia.

Merck Finck & Co meets Fashion
For the »Merck Finck & Co meets fashion« evening the private bankers from the Düsseldorf office of Merck Finck & Co worked with the successful designer and fashion entrepreneur Thomas Rath.

Power women
Under this new heading and on the basis of the Darboven IDEE Award for the most innovative business ideas of women »feine adressen - finest« introduces you to female personalities who are getting things moving and stand for something.

The best of the best
We have always wanted to know which items luxury firms find best from their own product ranges. Five manufacturers have exclusively revealed their favourites to us.

A car that defies description
The new BMW 7 Series has as much in common with a run of the mill car as a Champagne with sparkling wine. The technical flourishes added by the Bavarian tinkerers to the flagship of the fleet are simply breathtaking.