An homage to the city
In autumn 2016, a five-star superior hotel will be opening in the Hanseatic city for the first time in 18 years.

You can live well here...
In August 2015, the Brandmeyer Markenberatung brand consulting firm and the Konzept & Markt market research company surveyed a total of 5,000 German citizens aged 18 and up for the Brandmeyer Stadtmarken-Monitor.

A glamorous reopening
The Event Hotel Group recently reopened the Hotel Reichshof Hamburg under the »Curio – A Collection by Hilton« brand.

A prototype with a sweeping view
On 1 December 2015 the Hamburg-based construction company HC HAGEMANN staged a »Viewing Party« in the Lighthouse Zero building at the tip of the Baakenhöft promontory in Hamburg's Hafen-City district.

finest EVENTS
Photographer Katharina Bodmann visited Hamburg's finest events.

Made in Hamburg
BRAUN Hamburg has been based in the world's most beautiful city for over 80 years.

Interview with Axel Schneider, artistic director
»I love theatre as much as on the first day.«

A car that defies description
The new BMW 7 Series has as much in common with a run of the mill car as a Champagne with sparkling wine. The technical flourishes added by the Bavarian tinkerers to the flagship of the fleet are simply breathtaking.