10 years –cuisine passion légère
The two Michelin star FALCO Restaurant and Bar in The Westin Hotel Leipzig is a must-go address for gourmets.

Leipzig celebrates 1,000 years of history
The very first documented reference to Leipzig can be found in the entry dated 20 December 1015 in the chronicles of Bishop Thietmar of Merseburg. To mark this anniversary, Leipzig is holding a year of celebrations to showcase the diversity of the city.

Exclusiveness made in Germany
We have asked some of Germany’s leading companies about their most exclusive, beautiful and precious products and received some impressive answers! We would like to present these products to you here and sing a little hymn of praise in celebration of the German spirit of invention. Why not sing along?

Masculine men’s fashion with style
This season, Dior, Armani and their like are clothing men in covered, muted colours, solid materials and straight cuts.

Asphalt Conquerors
The IAA, which takes place in Frankfurt from 17-27 September, will première countless new vehicles. We have put together an exclusive selection of highlights for you in advance of the event.

Salzburg – A world city
Rarely does one find in so small a space such a harmonious interplay between the landscape and architecture, art and culture, tradition and modernity, as in Salzburg.